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I put here, along with my brother Peter, the story of various signs that we see that God has made in our lives. The aim of this publication is that the joy that God caused by these graces, will be shared with others, showing that it is worthwhile to turn to God for mercy, asking for His will and try to put it into effect. You do not have to read or listen to the whole, you can get familiar a little. I immediately say, there are also secrets of my soul, also the soul of my brother, but we were guided by the words "gather up the fragments left over, that nothing be lost" so we did not make exceptions for any graces; gifts; signs that are described there. I'm not a saint - God is holy. To be gifted, as there described I was chosen by the Lord Jesus as the person least worthy of all, because I do not think there is in the world someone who after so many graces, gifts, signs has behaved as bad as I have behaved sometimes until now, but God insisted - did not come down from the Cross, just extended my joyful life for eternity. I made something worse than a crime against humanity – I committed a crime against God Himself – I killed Him with my sins, but He forgave me. Everything good in my life is not my merit, but only Himself. He is merciful. He raises me to Himself, but not because I deserve it - on the contrary - He shows mercy even more to bestow such a sinner. It is His will, because He loves to be merciful. Anyone can have the grace of God – All we need is to want. My "want" is entirely the grace of God. Everyone has the chance for that. I hope many people want - want good; want God. "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will." :)
                                Jan Siestrzeńcewicz (Glitter)


Here are two texts (from 2012 and 2014 – that were originally in Polish). In the first, there is a will to ask the Pope Benedict XVI, and in the second there is described the spiritual "answer", which followed a few months later (abdication day)


Welcome to the site - “Shine of Heaven"!

(What is important in this text is highlighted thicker font - you do not have to read everything ...)

My name is Jan Siestrzeńcewicz, I am 29 years. I am a practicing Catholic. I belong, with my brother Peter, to the Roman Catholic parish of Divine Mercy in Saska Kepa in Warsaw and to the community "Charismatic Renewal" in this parish. What I do is singing, composing and producing secular, English-language, original pop music, commercial photography, advertising graphics, design, theology and philosophy.

With great joy I wish to share some experiences of faith. God almost on every Eucharist and daily personal prayer with the Word of God moves me to tears of joy with His personal word and, in life, He shows me a lot of signs, such as. this:

Now, a month after the death of Bl. Pope John Paul II I discovered that the date (day and month) of the most joyous, humanly, day in my life so far - my trip to Chicago is the date of the inauguration of the pontificate of Bl. John Paul II (22 October) and the date of the most difficult day of my life - with the date of the assassination on Bl. John Paul II (13 May). Striking similarities are also in the appearance of these events. The difference in years between the two events with me and with Bl. John Paul II also overlaps (3 years).

Another sign took place on my evening personal prayer with the Word of God (given on that day by the Church). I then asked the Lord Jesus: "Lord Jesus, I wish that in the face of persecution I don’t deny You, the Gospel, I don’t choose my own pleasure and glory at the expense of violation of morality. Do you want to tell me something about this? And in response, I read in the Gospel: "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but can not kill the soul. Rather fear Him who both soul and body can put in hell" [Matthew 10:28]. I was very surprised how that answer fit to my question. There was also an antiphon: "Go from your homeland and from your father's house to the land that I will show you, and I will make your name famous." The more I have seen in these words the power, because as a musician I want my talents to sail. And then I asked myself: "What it has to be a special date today that this word hit me so strongly?" - I look at the calendar, and there was: "October 16" - the anniversary of the election of Karol Wojtyla as Pope. I was delighted ...

Another example of a sign: One time I asked God with the following words of prayer: "Lord Jesus, I ask You for such suffering, that is most needed for the salvation of the world," I had my suffer in my mind, but I forgot to mention that in that prayer, and I did not ask God to suffer for myself since half of a year. And suddenly, about two hours later, Smolensk tragedy happened ...

I can tell more than two hundred signs like these. For example, even this: At the time of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, in 2010, at the halfway point of the competition, I decided, with my brother Peter, to pray for Africa, where was the World Cup, to this event went well . Suddenly, during this prayer, my brother saw on television that a pigeon sat on African team gate and cameras show it in repeat. June. 07, the day before the Euro Championship 2012, I also entrusted with my brother the organization of the tournament (in Poland – my country and in Ukraine), and during this prayer there was a similar situation: our cat jumped on the ping-pong table, which we have at home, and it bit NET, like that bird on the NET on World Cup. At this moment I gained confidence that the Euro will be successful, just like that Mundial…

And here are a couple of other convergences, which the Lord God showed me:

The Biblical description of the creation of the world:

- "Darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters" - ages (seemingly) "dark"; Christian Middle Ages ....

- Separating day from night - the advent of the Renaissance...

- Separating the sea from the lands - the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus and other geographical discoveries...

- The creation of the celestial bodies; sun, moon, stars - the great astronomical discoveries (Nicolaus Copernicus and others) ...

- The creation of plants and animals - Renaissance delight in biology

- The creation of man - Renaissance delight over man

Further highlights in the Bible:

- The three fathers of the chosen nation: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - the three Polish poets: Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Slowacki, Zygmunt Krasinski ...

- The great flood - the Second World War

- Noah's Ark - the Polish Government in Exile

- Egyptian bondage - communism

- Passage of the chosen nation (dry feet) through the Red Sea

- the overthrow (not armed) of COMMUNISM (symbolized by the red color...)

- Moses, who leads Israel through the Red Sea - Lech Walesa

- Heavenly Father, who leads Israel through Moses - Bl. John Paul II

- Reaching the Chosen Nation to the Promised Land - Polish access to freedom

- The establishment of the Decalogue – pilgrimages of  Bl. John Paul II to his homeland with the message of the Ten Commandments

- The activity of John the Baptist; call to conversion, baptizing in the JORDAN, beHEADing of John the Baptist - the presidency of Lech Kaczynski, calling for the repair of Poland, transportation of the coffin with the body of the dead in the tragedy of Smolensk President Lech Kaczyński (HEAD of State), from Warsaw to Krakow - along the VISTULA ...

- sending by Heavenly Father, His Son - the Messiah (Jesus Christ) - sending by Bl. John Paul II, my unworthy person (John Paul S.) - his spiritual son (according the sign described at the beginning ...).

(St. father Pio: "Do not take it for any exaggeration, to call yourself “second Christ")

- The destruction of Jerusalem - the destruction of Warsaw in 1944.

In the future:

- Pentecost - Advent Christian unity

Physics teaches that after every action there is reaction. With this you can compare the fact that God's revelation in the Bible is characterized in the history of the world starting from the beginning of ”post-biblical" time to the end of the world. It is characterized by signs that I read more and more...

The revelation of God to the world, included in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament is like being painted a beautiful painting by God, whose beauty is God himself. The world, however, is like a man who sees this picture. When he sees the whole, it will delight. This delight is a salvation, and the Kingdom of God is as if the joy in delighting by the beauty of this painting - God.

In my heart and in my hands there is a Spark of Divine Mercy, which will come from Poland and will prepare the world for the second coming of Christ. This spark is not Me, but Christ himself, who will be particularly clearly present in the world ...

It's all contained in the Jesus Christ. Divine Mercy, whose spring gushed from the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the form of His Blood and Water is, yes, the answer of the world (in signs) to the revelation of God when he came to the world two thousand years ago, but the Blood and Water is still part of the Body of Christ, so it is He Himself ...

God has a plan for my person and for my life, that He shows in hundreds of signs. Through my talents and their fruits He wants to give His mercy to many people and turn to the world a unique, joyful work of evangelization, the beginning of which is ready and waiting for its implementation, but it needs to be noticed by the Church officials, or support others in making it. I hope that this publication will help to achieve this by issuing this matter to a day light...

Here's what this work of evangelization is about:

The Lord God has placed in my heart and in my hands a lot of gifts. These gifts are: grace of total entrusting of me and my life to the Divine Mercy, a special bond with the Blessed John Paul II, a lot of talents in the fields: music (singing, composing, production of popular music), visual arts (commercial photography, advertising graphics, design) theology, philosophy, and others. These commercial talents - pointing to a broad range of customers, the Lord Jesus wants in the coming time, to attract large numbers of people to the fruits of theological and philosophical talent; to the evangelization word, and thus to God who, through this word, says something beautiful.

Well, there has been created a collection of over three hundred, very revealing, happy theological and philosophical thoughts written by me, and when it comes to commercial activities, there has been recorded an original, secular English-language very hit pop music album, and there is, secular internet photo album of Warsaw. (Contact me in order to get acquainted with these materials: )

The album was heard by not a lot of people so far, it is waiting for some record label to be released, but is already very highly rated by specialists, and from many my own experiences and revelations of the Lord Jesus, I see that it is a unique in the history of commercial; popular; entertainment music. And Photographs has an extremely high factor of attraction vision - they are liked a little, but by a significant proportion of viewers, like as it is in the case of a good advertising..

Exactly with this work especially the Spark of Divine Mercy is associated with, which is Jesus Christ, who will be particularly clearly present in the world through the power and word of mercy... This work is so unique, because the catholic magazines, radio stations, or websites are used mainly by people who believe in God. Ordinary secular people tend to avoid it, frankly, a wide arc. Here the music is secular. Because it is not associated directly with religious content, you can direct it to all people. And when a lot of people will like this music, many of them will certainly want to delve into these spiritual thoughts - without forcing. To make words come into action, you can go from them to these pictures, you can also go to them from the music  - the choice belongs to the people.

This are the two poles of that spark of Divine Mercy - the sacred - the word (spiritual thoughts) and the profane - bread (secular music). In the middle are these photographs, not by accident, of Warsaw - Polish capital. After all, in "Diary of Mercy" of St. Faustina, Jesus said about Poland: "From here will come the spark, that will prepare the world for My second coming" ...

These three elements describing this work is just a beginning. From these talents you can "squeeze" a lot more ... I wish that it is not wasted ...

This, what I address for in this matter to the people of the Church, is, to give this testimony to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, for that, if he can, he get attention of a large international record label, for example. Sony Music Entertainment (which released album of Bl. John Paul II, "Abba Pater") to my music album, which has a huge commercial potential (contact me to hear this album: ). If they decide to release it, then things can continue to go like a domino, or rather like a fire (of mercy), caused by the "spark" (...)

When Bl. John Paul II was dying, the world prayed with the words: "Stay with us" - as "disciples from Emmaus" saying: "Stay with us, for evening is coming ...". Well, Bl. John Paul II "stayed so" - in my life - "to be with them." And when with the "breaking of bread" - works of mercy - these "disciples" get to know the work of God, they will speak to each other, "Did not our hearts burn within us, while he was talking to us (POPE’S CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUTH) on the way (PILGRIMAGE OF POPE) and when he explained writings to us? "(TEACHING OF POPE) (...) (used fragments of the Gospel of St. Luke [Luke 24: 13-35])

It's like at the Holy Mass: first is the Liturgy of the Word of God, then the Liturgy of the Eucharistic Bread. After all, Bl. John Paul II, of course, was the witness of love, but especially he was a teacher. Didn’t God want now to highlight the role of His Mercy by acts - in a special way - the person representing the youth, which is the youth that Bl. John Paul II associated the hope for the future so much? The Pope did not die on the holy day of Divine Mercy, but on the eve of that day, as if announcing the "time of mercy"...

I have been chosen to this work by the Lord Jesus as the least worthy person of all. I do not think that there was in the world someone, who after so many of God's signs, graces and gifts, had doubts about the action of God, as I had it so many times until now. However, Jesus insisted; He did not come down from the Cross, but maintained my life forever.

Let our Lord - Jesus Christ – be glorified and His and our Mother - Mary - Rejoiced forever and ever!

Jan Siestrzeńcewicz

Contact: (I'll be grateful for any advice and help in the breakthrough to the world with what is said here...)


Date of publication: 02.04.12r. - VII anniversary of the death of Bl. John Paul II (last updated 09.07.12r.)



Praise the Jesus Christ!

I kindly ask to look at the testimony below that expresses the faith of the two brothers - John (Glitter) and Peter Siestrzeńcewicz, that just about the work started in their life Jesus said when he said to St. Sister Faustina: "From here will come the spark that will prepare the world for the second coming of Christ." (Please forward this letter to the priest Andrzej Baczyński and all interested)

Manifestations of Spark of Divine Mercy:

- Page , which includes all of the following pages.

- Numerous signs such as those that are listed here: (eg. This: between two brothers Glitter, and Peter there is three years difference, but both are celebrating a birthday on the last day of February - Glitter - Feb. 28, and Peter - February 29 (leap year) Pope Benedict XVI abdicated just in the last day of February and in the year in which Glitter turned 30 years, and Peter 33 years. (it is also a list of a few hundred signs written in keywords - to tell by the Glitter)

- About 400 "Thoughts About Heaven" by Glitter (page )

- Album wit English-language pop music performed by Glitter (created together with his brother Peter, who wrote most of the lyrics) (here ) (hundreds of listenings, experiences and comparisons, which Glitter sees that this is one of most hit music albums in the world.)

- album with photographs of modern Warsaw, taken by Glitter: ( "Let your Spirit descend and renew the face of the land. This land." ...)

- music album with well-known Church songs performed by Glitter: 

- A collection of poems of Glitter’s mother:

- Tens of Glitter’s talents - mainly in relation to Glitter’s maximum sensitivity on "the conditions of beauty" (being, order and unity, light and knowability) - commercial aesthetics. (St. John Paul II had a maximum sensitivity to the "artistic expression" - classical-intellectual aesthetics - the opposite pole of aesthetics. In the middle there is the aesthetics of what is popular.) ( )

- Glitter is such a great simpleton, that he is intellectual ( "Thoughts of Heaven"). St. John Paul II was such a great intellectual, that he was a simpleton up ( "After graduation we walked to eat the creams"...)

- St. Pope John Paul II symbolizes the Heavenly Father, Glitter symbolizes the Son of God - confirmation - many signs ...

- The coming of the Holy Spirit - in the future - Christian unity.

- Multiple releasing of Glitter by the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist, personal prayer (on evening) with the Word of God with given by Church, on adoration of Jesus in the heart, during the day, before the sacred picture. Glitter speaks in a whisper the words that Jesus addresses to him, by which, the Lord Jesus moves and releases from the distress and anguish to joy, peace and love. Such a situation - hundreds of them.

- Hundreds of signs unwritten when Glitter asks, for example: "Lord Jesus, if you want me to do so?" - The answer, eg. by seeing a written word such as "Yes", "Go", "Do" or "No", or by the hearing at this point a signal or tone, as confirmation, etc ... security and peace in issues discern this way)

- hundreds of prayers answered by the Lord Jesus - often – exact as said.

- A vision of the future activities of Glitter in association with the world's largest sensitivity on the commercial aesthetics, which is the most profitable aesthetics (Pop music, design art, advertising, commercial photography, advertising graphics, television, fashion, architecture, industrial design, decorating - the opportunity to create one of the most expensive brands of the world, combined with the charity due to a unique insensitivity of Glitter to the temptation of getting rich as confirmed by sharing all the prize with a value of PLN 1,500 for winning the photo competition "Warsaw which we do not know" for children from child care home

- Replacement of everything negative in Glitter’s life on what is positive made by Lord Jesus  - this conclusion made on the basis of looking at the past life ( "where is special poverty and misery, there a special Divine Mercy spills" ...)

- Past successes of Glitter: victory in the category "debut" at the VI Festival of Religious Songs in the United States (Chicago) (as a member of the youth band), the prize - a mountain bike for the solo victory on the song festival in Swider, a victory, mentioned before, in the photo competition "Warsaw which we do not know ", 4 awards in the international photo competition" International Photography Awards ", brown tuning fork in the national competition of children and youth a-capella choirs (as a member of the high school choir), fifth place and nine weeks of a song "I Still Believe" on "Chart with Power" - a radio Christian music chart, seventh place and 21 weeks of a song "I'll Stand Beside You" on the same chart and other, various prizes ...

Glitter and his brother Peter are kindly asking you for precise examination of these cases and works, and for help in getting them into the light; to the world. In one of his thoughts Glitter wrote: (122) "The Spark of the Divine Mercy, which has to come out of the Poland and prepare the world for the second coming of Christ, is the Jesus Christ particularly clearly present in the world." Now, there is no other Spark of Divine Mercy, instead of this, which is mentioned here, and there will never be. That pop music album made by Glitter is one of the most hit in the world and so far, almost no one knows about it. It’s similarly with the entire website For this you can relate words of Lord Jesus from the Gospel about the kingdom of God: "It is like a mustard seed; when it is sown in the ground, it is the smallest of all seeds on earth. But once it is sown, it grows and becomes the largest of plants; It puts forth large branches, so that the birds soaring nests in its shade. [Mk 4: 31-32]

We will be very happy to tell and explain more - please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards; God bless!

Jan (Glitter)  (and Peter) Siestrzeńcewicz

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Page with our testimony: